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Security settings for objects in NexJ CRM

When the Group Security Model is enabled by your administrator, you can define view and edit security levels for certain objects in NexJ CRM, for example, a contact' details or a task. You can make view or edit access for an object available to all users, limit them to a group of users, or only to yourself. 

To set access levels for objects, choose one of the following options for view and edit security:

  • Public
    All users can view or edit the object.
  • Group
    Users who are members of a particular user group can view or edit the object.

    This option does not apply to saved lists and filters.

  • Private
    Only you can view or edit the object.

If the Hierarchical Access Model is enabled by your administrator then the Security menu option is disabled for people and companies and the Security tab is disabled for tasks, opportunities, and activities, which are secured using the Hierarchical Access Model. For other objects (for example, saved lists, service requests, and document folders), the Security tab will continue to be available.

Regardless of the security level that has been set, the following users can always view and edit activities, contacts, companies, and opportunities:

  • Users assigned to an activity can always view or edit the activity.
  • Coverage team members for an contact or company can always view or edit the contact or company.
  • Coverage team members and opportunity owners can always view or edit the opportunity.

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