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Customize workspace

Business administrators with appropriate permissions can customize various features in NexJ CRM from the Customize workspace

, including configuring categories, custom fields, coverage groups, filters, saved lists, and templates.

The Customize workspace contains the following tabs:

  • Business Processes
    Activate or deactivate business process templates, and navigate to the Manage Business Processes application.

  • Campaigns
    Create, edit, or delete campaign workflow templates.
    Workflows are used to associate each participant status in a campaign with actions that will be automatically performed when a participant is assigned that status. Creating a workflow template simplifies the process by allowing end users to load a predefined template instead of defining each status individually for every new campaign. After a template is loaded, the end user can customize the workflow as appropriate.
  • Categories
    Create, edit, or delete categories.
    A category is a label for entities, such as Avid Golfer for a contact or user. Categories can be used for searching and grouping entities.
  • Client Coverage Groups
    Create, edit, or delete client coverage groups.
    A coverage group is a group of users who are responsible for covering an entity, an opportunity, or an account plan.
  • Activity Plans
    Create, edit, copy, or delete activity plan templates.
  • Custom Fields
    Create, edit, or delete custom fields.
    A custom field stores specific types of information defined by administrators. Custom fields display in the Detail tab for entities on the Contacts workspace.
  • Filters and Lists
    Create, edit, or delete filters and saved lists.
    A filter is a query that displays a list of data records based on specified search criteria.
    A saved list is a static list that is created by users to contain entity data records that can but do not have to share a common property.
  • Lead Management
    Manage the mapping between lead statuses and entity statuses. For lead status changes, for example from New to Qualified, indicate whether the contact status should automatically change as well, for example from Lead to Prospect.
  • Opportunity Management
    Create, edit, or delete opportunity coverage groups; create, edit, activate, deactivate, or delete opportunity templates.
    An opportunity captures and tracks a potential business opportunity to sell a product to a client. 
  • Products
    Create, edit, or delete products, which can be associated with opportunities.
  • Rules
    Activate and deactivate system rule sets, and navigate to the Manage Rules application.
    Rules specify the criteria for when an action, such as sending a notification, is triggered. Rules can be used to automate simple tasks or to send notifications and alerts.

  • Service Request Management

    Create, edit, or delete service request templates and add or configure mailboxes for support teams.
    A service request template defines a single type of service request including the icon, the description, and the stages that the request will go through. End users select a service request template when creating a service request.
  • Task Management
    Configure tasks to be assigned automatically to a user or a group of users.
    A task is a type of activity that does not need to occur at a defined time and must be assigned to one or more users.
  • Account Plan Coverage Groups
    Create, edit, or delete account plan coverage groups.
    An account plan defines goals and objectives for accounts, track planning activities, and ensure that plans for companies are being executed as expected.
  • Turned Off Notifications
    View the notifications that users have turned off and turn notifications on again for users.
    A notification is a message that alerts a user to changes to information in NexJ CRM that are relevant to them.
  • Inform Settings
    If the Inform product is enabled in your deployment, then administrators with appropriate privileges can select the feed which will be used to generate the relevant article list that advisors can see on contact and company profiles.

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