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Account plan coverage groups

You can configure account plan coverage groups that are available for users to apply to account plans. An account plan coverage group is a user group that a business administrator creates.

Coverage is a method for assigning users or groups of users to be responsible for specific clients, opportunities, or account plans. After an administrator creates a coverage group, users can assign coverage of a contact to the group on the Contacts workspace.

A coverage team is a collection of all the individual users and coverage groups who receive view and edit access to entities and account plans and collaborate on their corresponding opportunities and activities.coverage role is the role assigned to a user when covering a client, opportunity, or account plan.

Coverage team members always have view and edit access to the entities that they cover.

For information about adding and modifying client coverage groups, see Client coverage groups. For information about adding and modifying opportunity coverage groups, see Configuring opportunity coverage.

Adding and modifying account plan coverage groups

You can add an account plan coverage group to make the group available for users in the Account Plan Coverage Groups tab on the Customize workspace.

Before you add account plan coverage groups, you can search for specific account plan coverage groups, in the data table in the Account Plan Coverage Groups tab, by entering a full or partial group name in the text search field. For more information about searching and filtering records, see Searching and filtering in NexJ CRM.

To change which columns display in the data table, click Select Columns

the data table toolbar. For more information, see Displaying and viewing data table columns.

To add an account plan, click the Add Coverage Group button 

to open the Add Coverage Group dialog and fill in the required information.

In the Visibility field, define view security for the group. Select Public to make the group visible to all users, or select a user or group to restrict visibility to that user or group.

You cannot modify view security levels for the coverage group after it has been created. If you want to restrict view access to this coverage group, you must set it while adding the group. The default view setting is Public.

In the Coverage Group Members tab, add selected users.

You must define a coverage role for each user by clicking the More Actions button

and selecting Edit for each user and selecting a role.

You can select a coverage group in the data table, and click the Edit button

to modify the coverage group. You can change the name or description of an account plan coverage group, add or remove coverage group members from a group, and reassign coverage roles.

Changes that you make to a coverage group name are reflected in any coverage group that is assigned to an account plan. Changes to a coverage group role are also reflected in the coverage group.

If you add a user to a coverage group that is already assigned to an account plan, the user is added to the account plan's coverage group. If you remove a user from the coverage group, the user continues to cover the account plan, but no longer belongs to the coverage group.

You can also delete account plan coverage groups that you no longer require. Select the coverage group record you want to delete in the data table and click the Delete button 

to remove it.

If you delete a coverage group that is currently assigned to an account plan, the group is deleted from the account plan. However, users who belonged to the group will continue to cover the account plan.

If you choose to delete a coverage group, this action cannot be undone.

When the coverage group is deleted, the coverage group is also removed from any account plans to which it is assigned on the Contacts workspace.

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