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You can configure opportunity coverage groups, opportunity templates, and specify products for opportunities.

An opportunity captures and tracks a potential business opportunity to sell a product to a client. Users make use of opportunities to track specific products or services that create further upselling opportunities, for example, a new account or an outbound referral. Users should avoid using them to track interests, tasks, or potential inbound referrals.

When you configure opportunities, you can configure the following for users:

Opportunity coverage groups
Manage the opportunity coverage groups that are available for users to apply to individual opportunities. Coverage groups are groups of users who share responsibility in different roles to win an opportunity. Manage coverage groups from the Coverage Groups subtab in the Opportunity Management tab on the Customize workspace. The Coverage Groups subtab displays coverage group records in a searchable data table.

Opportunity templates
Create opportunity templates to define the types of opportunities that users can create. When you create opportunity templates, you add stages to the opportunity. Manage opportunity templates from the Templates subtab in the Opportunity Management tab. The Templates subtab displays a template records in a searchable data table that you can also filter.

Opportunity products
Manage the products that are available to users who work with opportunities in the Products tab on the Customize workspace. The Products tab displays product records in a searchable data table that you can also filter.

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