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Configuring Microsoft Word document merge fields for form templates

Before starting this task, ensure that you have created the merge field in Microsoft Word, and that you have noted the token names of questions you want to include in the document. The token name of a question is found in the Reference Name field when you add or edit a question from the Business Processes tab on the Customize workspace.

To configure the merge fields in a Microsoft Word print document:

  1. In Microsoft Word, open the document you want to add merge fields to.
  2. Place the cursor where you want to add the merge field.
  3. In the Home tab, click Add NexJ CRM Merge.
    The Add NexJ Merge dialog opens.
  4. Select a merge field and click Add Merge Field.
    The Add NexJ Merge dialog closes and the merge field is inserted into the document and is denoted by Ā«Token Name TitleĀ».
  5. [Optional] In the merge field, select the existing token name title and replace it with a new token name title that describes what information the merge field is extracting from the form.
  6. Right-click the merge field and select Toggle Field Codes.
    The merge field displays the field code as { MERGEFIELD TokenName }. This token name must match the token name of a field in the form to extract information from it. For additional information about tokens, see Using tokens.
  7. In the merge field, select the existing token name and replace it with the new token name.
    The syntax for print document merge fields is:
    { MERGEFIELD "${fields[PageName.SectionName.QuestionName]value}"}
    For example, to extract a client's first name from a field in the profile section of a page named "Introduction," enter:
    { MERGEFIELD "${fields[Introduction.profile.firstName]value}"}
  8. When you have finished configuring the print document merge fields, click the Save button

The print document merge fields are configured to extract information from the completed form. You can now add the document to a form so that it can be printed when the form is completed.

For more information about merge fields, see "Configuring merge fields" in the technical documentation.

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