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A task is a type of activity, assigned to one or more users, that does not need to occur at a defined time. By default, when you create a task, it is automatically assigned to you. However, you can configure tasks to be assigned automatically to one or more other users, in the Task Management tab on the Customize workspace. 

The data table in the Task Management tab shows the task templates that have been created by administrators on the Document Codes page in NexJ Admin Console. A task template is a type of activity template that defines a single type of task including the icon, description, and security access.

Configuring task assignments

Before you configure task assignments, you can search for specific task templates by entering a full or partial name in the text search field in the Task Management tab. For information about searching, see Searching and filtering in NexJ CRM.

For information about sorting the data table and selecting columns to display in the data table, see Navigating the NexJ CRM user interface.

To manage which users tasks are assigned to, select the task template you want to assign a user to in the data table, and click the Edit button

. In the Assign To tab, click the Add button
and select the users that you want to assign to the task.

Now whenever you or other users create a task using this task template, the selected users automatically appear in the Assign To field and are assigned to the task.

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