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Submitting business processes with forms

Submit a business process when it has a Process Management form, you have filled out its form, and you want to submit it for approval.

To submit a business process for an entity.

  1. From the Contacts workspace, select the record for the entity for whom you want to submit a business process.
  2. Select the Business Processes tab on the details page for the entity.
  3. Select the required business process record in the data table.
  4. Complete the required fields in the form. When you are filling out the form, you can click Continue to move to the next page in the form or Back to move to the previous page in the form. You can also click Save to save the form without submitting it.


    A message will indicate if there are no missing or invalid answers.

  5. When you have finished filling in the form and want to submit it, go to the last page of the business process form and click Submit . The Submit button will send the form for approval if the business administrator has enabled approvals. If required questions are still unanswered, you will receive an error message to go back and complete the mandatory questions.


    You must provide all required answers and correct any validation errors before the form can be submitted. Validation errors are configured by the Administrator.

The business process is submitted. The approval steps from the business process will now be assigned to their corresponding users, who can then review the submitted form and either approve or reject it. Changes can no longer be made to the form unless it is rejected by one of the reviewers, then restarted.

Approving or rejecting business processes

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