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Core client relationship management (finance)

Name: NexJ Finance
Project filename: finance
Model namespace:
Module name: <none>

NexJ Customer Relationship Management combines deep industry-specific functionality with integrated front, middle, and back-office data sources to provide a comprehensive view of the customer over desktop and mobile.  It does all this without requiring local copies or replication of legacy data enabling collaboration across countries, regions, teams, and product specialists. It provides client profiles, relationship hierarchies / network graphs, client transactions / interactions, financial accounts, opportunities, and service requests. Important architectural attributes of CRM include:

  • Deep industry-specific customer management functionality
  • Comprehensive customer view leaving integrated data at source
  • Flexible and responsive UX with powerful two-way portal/portlet support
  • Exchange Sync and Outlook Add-in for rich collaboration
  • Extensive REST and Contract APIs supporting headless development
  • Extensive run-time configuration of users, roles, types, …
  • Add modules that exactly meet your needs with NexJ Studio, if required
  • Model your security requirements exactly (auth, functional, data, encryption) 
  • Proven performance at scale even when highly integrated
  • Import / staging / data model to simplify data loading
  • Monitoring of both technical and functional statistics
  • Business model and UX testing for continuous deployment

In all cases, whether using NexJ CRM as the primary solution or as part of a larger solution, the comprehensive customer view promotes higher user adoption and a better, more complete understanding of the customer, allowing organizations to maximize the value of their existing data and systems.

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