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Intelligent Customer Management (ICM) Platform

Our horizontal ICM platform allows us to build vertical-specific products that improve the client experience, increase revenue, drive process optimization and improve efficiency, perform detailed analytics, and deliver insights to your clients. What sets our products apart from our competitors is that our platform builds on traditional client relationship management services by adding data management services, process management services, and artificial intelligence services.

Relationship Management Services

Relationship management services are designed to meet all of your vertical specific CRM needs for sales, service, and marketing.  From a sales perspective, the services help to enhance client loyalty with service level management and drive sales with opportunity management.  For client service, the platform helps advisors, bankers and agents close cases quickly to increase customer satisfaction. The relationship management services also help advance prospects with lead and campaign management.

NexJ’s ICM platform allows financial services professionals to track fundamental CRM data to better understand clients such as:

  • All profile and demographic information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles. 
  • Categories and custom fields to collect additional information about the contact, and to segment contacts into groups for sales, marketing, reporting, and analytics purposes.
  • Quick notes to capture and view ad hoc notes on the contact profile screen.

Relationship modeling is critical in understanding the complex relationships between households, companies, subsidiaries, contacts, and their personal and professional spheres of influence. NexJ’s robust relationship modeling functionality can capture an unlimited number of parent-child and other relationships for a contact (e.g. spouses, joint account owners, a client and accountant, a company and its directors) or company (e.g. parent, subsidiaries, sister companies.)

NexJ also provides a client interaction journal, which contains a history of the contact touch points including:

  • Phone calls, meetings, and other interactions since the beginning of the relationship.
  • All documents relevant to the relationship, including every letter, fax, e-mail, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.

Data Management Services

Data management services drive capabilities such as Data Bridge and the Comprehensive Customer View, provide data stewardship and data governance, and power analytics and dashboards.

The Data Bridge is a module that orchestrates real-time packaging and delivery of data from CRM to external data consumers. It offers powerful data processing capabilities that support the creation of specific data views for individual data warehouses, reporting systems, and back-office compliance and archiving solutions.

A complete understanding of a client, a client’s needs, and their interests is the only way to ensure they are provided with the best products and services for them. To deliver this centralized view, or Comprehensive Customer View, NexJ combines the core CRM data of Relationship Management Services with information gained through integration with internal systems and external data feeds, including:

Internal Systems

  • Products and services aggregated by region, division, and corporation.
  • Corporate hierarchies, including legal and financial structures.
  • Client information from other systems including accounts, holdings, transactions, buying history, trading volumes, credit limits, revenue, holdings, assets under management, interests, and research subscriptions.

External Data Feeds

  • Market news
  • Public news
  • Market data
  • Social Media

Data stewardship and data governance involve the management and oversight of an organization’s data. Effective data management ensures good availability, accessibility, usability, integrity, consistency, quality, and security of data. Data management services provides the tools to manage and monitor your stewardship and governance.

Data management services also use normalized Business Intelligence for real-time publishing to data marts and warehouses. This data can be accessed for ad hoc reports, dashboards and metrics, and real-time, prescriptive, and predictive data analytics to provide the right content and insight to the right user at the right time.

Process Management Services

NexJ enables companies to quickly automate complex and repetitive client-centric business processes and integrate them with their existing systems and data stores. These processes use centralized rules that help ensure compliance with company procedures or regulatory requirements. NexJ’s process management offers:

  • Dynamically guided SmartForms for data collection.
  • Personalized client-facing document generation.
  • Intelligent rules-based approval routing.
  • Powerful design tools to automate complex business processes.

Artificial Intelligence Services

NexJ uses all of the data in the Comprehensive Customer View, which includes both internal and external data, to deliver better insights and intelligence to advisors, bankers, and agents. NexJ’s Artificial Intelligence Services offer:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine sentiment and uncover relationships and interests in unstructured text like notes and emails.
  • Recommendation rules to help determine next best actions based on client profiles and company goals.
  • Intelligent news curation that monitors 15,000 public news feed and matches articles to client profiles.
  • Chatbots to make life easier for advisors, bankers, and agents.

What makes our CRM products unique is the platform that they’re built on, which is comprised of these relationship management services, data management services, process management services, and artificial intelligence services. Having these services all combined makes the ICM platform much more robust than a simple CRM, and allows us to provide highly specialized products.

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