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NexJ Nudge-AI Suite - Engage

Engage is a product in the NexJ Nudge-AI suite. It is an intelligent digital assistant that recommends the next best actions based on priority scores, which are calculated using client details and information about wealth management practices. 

It helps you build stronger customer relationships by fostering better client engagement and loyalty. It also helps you ensure compliance, by issuing reminders related to regulatory frameworks and company guidelines.

Engage generates a prioritized list of nudges to let advisors know the most important touch points for their clients on any given day. These recommendations are displayed as nudge tiles in the Nudges card on the Home workspace and on the Nudges workspace.

Administrators can change default nudge settings to reflect the business needs of their organization. They can control how nudges are generated and displayed, using the Nudge Settings tab on the Customize workspace.

NexJ Engage is currently supported on NexJ cloud-delivered CRM, which refers to CRM deployments hosted by NexJ.
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