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Several tools are available for working with models, databases, documentation, encryption, and other stages of development.  To access the tools menu, select Run > Run Tool in NexJ Studio or click down arrow next to the Run Tool toolbar button. Clicking the Run Tool toolbar button opens the dialog for the most recent tool you were using.

These tools may also be automated by using Apache Ant from the command line console.

The following tools are available and can be used :

  • Cipher Tool
  • Data Load Tool
  • Database Schema Tool
  • Generate API
  • Generate NexJDoc
  • Minimal Scheme Console
  • Strings Tool
  • Test Tool

The following tools are deprecated or only used internally. If you want to use these tools, please consult with your NexJ service representative.

  • Registry Tool
  • Launch iReport
  • Generate BI Metadata
  • ETL Activity Tool
  • Deployment Tool

VM arguments

You can specify virtual machine (VM) arguments every time you use a tool. These arguments can alter parameters such as the allocation of memory or boot state of the machine. In addition, you can specify either common tool arguments, which apply every time you use any of the tools, or tool-specific arguments, which apply by default every time you use the tool.

You can set VM arguments for all available tools except the following:

  • Cipher tool
  • Generate NexJDoc tool
  • Strings tool

Supported VM arguments

Some common VM arguments are


Serializes to JSON rather than to the standard format.


Specifies whether to use gzip or not. The default is true.

Setting VM arguments

VM arguments for a single instance

To set VM arguments that apply only at the time you run the tool:

  1. Click the down arrow next to the Run Tool button and select the tool you want to use.
  2. In the dialog that appears, complete the details as required.
  3. Click Advanced. The VM Arguments field is displayed. It will display any default VM arguments that were specified for the tool.
  4. Enter the arguments in the VM Arguments field and click Run.

Default VM arguments for a tool

To set the VM arguments that will apply every time you run the tool:

  1. Click the down arrow next to the Run Tool button and select Tool Settings.
  2. In the Preferences dialog, ensure you are in the NexJ Studio > Launch Settings > Tool Settings pane.
  3. Click on one of the following:
    • Data Load Tool
    • Database Schema Tool
    • Run Unit Tests
    • Test Tool
  4. Optionally, set your preferred logging level for that tool in the Log level field for that tool.
  5. Set additional arguments in the VM Arguments field.

These arguments will be displayed every time you run the tool in the VM Arguments field, which is displayed when you click the Advanced button on the tool dialog. You can change these default arguments for an individual execution of the tool as required.

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