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View paths

View paths are an important concept in our MVC (Model View Controller) based UX. View paths represent associations through views to the underlying model. They are very similar to association paths, which navigate associations through the business model, but view paths start with a view.

For example, EntityList entityListGrid association path identifies the grid control in the EntityList layout and exposes the model bound to that grid. Using (EntityList entityListGrid) as the view path for a popup associates that popup with the current selection in the model from the entityListGrid on the EntityList layoutRef.

An association property of controls contains a path to the view containing a model to which the control will bind. This association lets the application know that changes made in a control have to be applied to the associated model.

Controls that use view paths include UIActions, Popups, Navigate, and Script.



(PortletRefName LayoutRefName ControlName)


(LayoutRefName ControlName)
ControlName may be omitted. In this case, the layout's model is referenced.


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