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Welcome to NexJ's technical documentation

Here you'll find the information you need to get the most out of working with NexJ solutions.

NexJ's Intelligent Customer Management Platform (ICM) provides intelligent products and solutions based on rich relationship, process, data, and AI services. These products specifically meet the needs of Wealth Management, Private Banking, Commercial Banking, Corporate Banking, Sales, Trading & Research, and Insurance. They include:

  • NexJ CRM - award-winning CRM functionality with vertical-specific capabilities designed to meet the exact needs of advisors, bankers, and agents. 
  • Nudge-AI Suite - a suite of digital assistants that leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to make intelligent investment recommendations, suggest next best actions, share relevant information, and analyze data for insights in order to help advisors better engage and service their clients.

Their capabilities include:

You can read more about these products at and how their capabilities can be extended with optional modules, including:

We use these products and modules to provide solutions that meet our customer’s specific business requirements. They are built to be flexible, extensible, scalable, and secure. Our documentation site provides you with all the information you need to build and maintain your solution. If you are a business user, we have training on how to use the functions and features of your solution.

If you are a developer, administrator, or deployment professional we have lots of information as well. It's important to know that these solutions are composed of application services, which each have their own business logic, persistence, API/integration, and UI. These services are categorized into Relationship Management, Process Management, Data Management, and Artificial Intelligence services. 

Services can be created using any technology that produces appropriate APIs and UI interfaces that can work with our other services. That said, NexJ's products, modules and services are typically written in and powered by NexJ's enterprise application development platform – a low code platform that lets you declare “what” your application will do and not worry about the “how.”

Here, and at, you will find everything you need to know about our Products and Modules, Services, and Platform. In addition, we provide hands-on learning resources in the Learning Center.

Getting started

Getting started depends on who you are and what you want to do. Regardless of your role, you likely want to start in the Learning Center with Setting up for training and Orientation.

From there we have the following materials that are somewhat role-focused. Feel free to do them all, or just the ones that match your needs and profile.


First get an overview of platform concepts and then set up your environment. Information about important concepts and skills that developers need to extend product capabilities is provided at:


For information about using the NexJ Admin Console and NexJ System Admin Console for system configuration, see:

Deployment specialists

For information about how to deploy on-premise, see:

Deeper functional and technical skills

Beyond your specific role on a project, it is always helpful to understand what the applications you are delivering actually do. Check out the Products and Modules, Services, and Platform sections to get a deeper understanding of CRM, Process Management, and Reporting capabilities.

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