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Specifying a warning timeout value for a channel at runtime

You can specify a timeout value for requests and responses on an individual channel at run time. Requests and responses that exceed the timeout value are logged if the channel specifies a log level of Warn or higher.

By default, the timeout value for the system is 1,000 milliseconds.

The timeout value can also be specified for the system and for individual channels at deployment time. For more information, see the descriptions of the warning timeout and channel warning timeout attributes in Specifying integration log timeout values at deployment time.

To specify the timeout value for requests and responses on a channel:

  1. In NexJ System Admin Console, navigate to the Statistics page.
  2. In the Statistics list, expand the node for your NexJ application and then select Administration Channel.
  3. Navigate to the channel node that you want to specify the timeout value for. Configuration options for the channel display in the details area.
  4. To specify the timeout value for requests and response for this channel:
    1. Beside Response timeout warning duration in the details area, double-click in the Value column. A text entry field displays.
    2. Enter a timeout value in milliseconds. The default value is 1,000 (1 second). The timeout value for the channel is updated.

    Deleting the timeout value for a channel does not restore the default value. Instead, you must explicitly specify the default value for the channel.

You have specified the timeout value for requests and responses on a channel.

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