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System batch processes

NexJ CRM includes several batch processes that perform maintenance tasks such as polling mail stores, removing older queued processes and generated reports, and removing attachments and images that failed to upload. These batch processes run periodically and are not configurable by administrators.

Batch processes

Mail Store Poller

Polls mail stores for new items every minute.

Queued Process Cleanup

Deletes queued processes that have been running for longer than one day. The batch process runs once every day.

Real Time Queue UnPauser

Pauses real-time synchronization when BI bulk data synchronization is running. After BI bulk data synchronization completes, the batch process unpauses real-time synchronization.

Report Cleanup

Deletes reports that have been cached in the database for longer than seven days and removes reports generated by queued processes. The batch process runs once every day. If the job does not run, temporary copies of pixel perfect reports are not cleaned up.

Upload Cleanup

Deletes attachments and images that have failed to upload since the last time that the batch process ran. The batch process runs once every day.

Workflow Queue Throttle Manager

Resets the counts on all queue throttle counters in the system every minute.

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