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Viewing statistics for object queues

View statistics for object queues to investigate poorly performing nodes for specific asynchronous processes supported by object queues.

Statistics are helpful when you need to locate the sources of network slowdowns because they can identify nodes with higher than average response times. The Statistics tab on the Object Queues page displays network performance details for each queue in each application server node in the cluster.

The Statistics tab displays the following information:


The name of the application server node hosting the object queue.

Average Successful Receive Time (ms)

The average processing time of a received message that has succeeded.

Average Failed Receive Time (ms)

The average processing time of a received message that has failed.

Average Send Time (ms)

The node's average time in milliseconds to send a message on the selected queue.

To view statistics for an object queue:

  1. In NexJ System Admin Console, navigate to the Object Queues page.
  2. Select an object queue from the Object Queues list.
  3. In the details zone, select the Statistics tab.
  4. [Optional] Click the Refresh button 
     to update the node list with data that was sent and received since you opened the page.

The selected object queue's statistics display in the Statistics tab.

To change the sort order of the statistics in the list, click the column names at the top of the tab.

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