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Floating action button


A floating action button (FAB) is used to quickly access the most common functionality for a workspace or the application. You can define a default FAB for all workspaces or have a contextual FAB for each individual workspace.

When to use

Use on all navigation screens for quick “add” functionality. Use on all detail screens for quick “edit” functionality.

Do not use on forms, dialogs, or dashboards.


Click the FAB on a workspace to open the related action menu and then select an action. This opens the full-screen add or edit dialog for the workspace.


Detailed specifications

Icon size, color40x40, 100% Accent color
Label textRoboto, Regular - 87% Black - 13px - Right aligned 
Label background100% White
Label padding
  • inside - top & bottom: 12px
  • inside - left & right: 16px
  • outside - top & bottom: 22px
  • outside - left & right: 16px

Additional reference

Buttons: floating action button - Material Design


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