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SmartForms and Workflows

Provide streamlined business process management functionality that can be integrated into any CRM application to address key workflows across the entire customer lifecycle. Process Management and NexJ CRM surface the embedded intelligence provided by Intelligent Customer Management. Examples include NexJ Intelligent Agents, recommended next actions, and lead management matching, scoring, and routing.

Process Management provides customer-centric, runtime configurable SmartForms and rule-driven workflows. By taking a customer-centric focus to business process management, Process Management quickly guides users through complex workflows while ensuring all the right data is captured correctly with no need for duplicate data entry. Process Management supports extensive configuration, allowing an organization to precisely model their existing processes. Process Management helps firms automate and streamline Client Onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC), Quoting, and more.

Business system administrators can build data entry and define approval routing, conditions, and actions for each process directly in the application without the need for IT resources. They can break logic into sub-flows that can be used across multiple processes to ensure cross-process consistency. Versioning allows for zero-downtime roll-out without impact to existing in-flight processes. With Process Management:

  • The latest data is automatically pulled in from CRM and other integrated data stores at the start of the business process
  • Additional integration-points can be used to dynamically process or retrieve data based on input
  • Outbound integrations can be used to create new accounts, contacts, and other objects as required
  • Final processing using data entry inputs can be automated, thereby minimizing the time and risk of manual entry and execution

Process Management provides:

  • KYC, AML, and other templates
  • Configurable SmartForms, Approvals, and Workflows
  • Extensive configuration of process definitions
  • Intelligent branching and assignment for approvals
  • Access to all integrated customer information from CRM
  • Process versioning
  • An automated unit testing framework

Process Management is mobile-enabled and embeddable in client facing portals.

Companies use Process Management to quickly automate complex and tedious customer-centric business processes while integrating them with their existing systems and data stores to increase efficiency and productivity, improve the client experience, and reduce operational costs.

For full documentation on Process Management, see Developing Process Management forms.

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