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Configuring hierarchy roles

hierarchy role defines a contact's role within a hierarchy. For example, a user can assign the head of household role to a contact who is a member of a household.

A hierarchy role does not assign access permissions to contacts in a hierarchy. A hierarchy role only defines a contact's role in the hierarchy.

You make a hierarchy role available to NexJ CRM users by associating a role with a hierarchy. For example, you can associate the Head of Households role with the Household hierarchy. Users can assign hierarchy roles to contacts and also view hierarchy roles on the Contacts workspace in NexJ CRM.

Adding hierarchy role associations

You make a hierarchy role available to users in NexJ CRM by associating a role with a hierarchy.

The HIERARCHYROLEENUM enumeration in the Enumerations page defines the roles that are available to you in the Entity Codes page. You can add additional roles to the enumeration if necessary.

To associate a role with a hierarchy:

  1. Navigate to the Entity Codes page.
  2. In the Hierarchy Roles tab, click the Add button 
    The Add Entity Hierarchy Role dialog opens.
  3. In the Role field, select the role you want to enable.
  4. In the Hierarchy field, select the hierarchy you would like to associate with this role.
  5. [Optional] In the Description field, enter a brief description of the role.
  6. Click OK.

    A role can only be entered once for each organizational entity type. Having two roles with the same Role and Hierarchy field values will give you an error when you try to save.

    The Add Entity Hierarchy Role dialog closes.

The hierarchy role is made available in NexJ CRM.

Removing hierarchy role associations

You can remove an existing hierarchy role association.

To remove an existing hierarchy role:

  1. Navigate to the Entity Codes page.
  2. Click the Hierarchy Roles tab.
  3. Click the Action button 
     for the hierarchy role you want to delete and click the Delete button 

The hierarchy role is no longer available to be added to profiles, and all existing instances of the role are removed from NexJ CRM.

Customizing enumerations

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