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Configuring privilege groups

Privilege groups are groups of users who have the same privileges. A user may belong to several privilege groups.

privilege is a property that allows a user to use or access a specific feature in NexJ CRMNexJ Admin Console, or NexJ System Admin Console, such as adding a new contact. Privileges control access to features. You add privileges to privilege groups, then assign users to privilege groups.

Privilege groups can be used to restrict accessibility of some of the more advanced customization features of NexJ Admin Console or NexJ System Admin Console to only a few administrative users.

The Privilege Groups tab allows you to manage privilege groups, which define the actions a user is allowed to perform in NexJ CRMNexJ Admin Console, and NexJ System Admin Console.

The Privilege Groups tab is divided into two areas:

  • The privilege groups list on the left. This is a list of all privilege groups.
  • The detail area on the right. This area is divided into two tabs which show the Detail and Users of the selected privilege group.
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