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NexJ Schedule Synchronization Release Notes

The new NexJ Schedule Synchronization module allows users to ensure that their Outlook on Microsoft 365 calendar matches their NexJ CRM calendar.  With the module, users can be confident that they won't miss a meeting regardless of which calendar they use. This module uses a third-party service (Nylas Calendar API) to monitor changes and update calendars. When a meeting is created, updated, or deleted in Outlook, the same change will happen in NexJ CRM. Similarly, when a meeting is created, updated or deleted in NexJ CRM, the change will be reflected in Outlook.

When this module is enabled, users can connect their NexJ CRM account to their Outlook account, by navigating to the User settings menu, selecting User Preferences, and then completing the dialog in the Schedule Synchronization tab.

This optional module must be installed and enabled separately from NexJ CRM.

Release contents

The release notes pertain to the following code release:

Module JAR: nexj-meta-nylas-

Product requirements and compatibility

This version of NexJ Schedule Synchronization is compatible with NexJ CRM version 23.05 and later and with Outlook on the Microsoft 365 platform.

Known issues and workarounds

Your service agreement with Nylas may include additional constraints.

Synchronization is not currently supported for the following types of schedule items. A schedule item of this type created in NexJ CRM is not reflected in your Outlook calendar. A meeting of this type created in the Outlook calendar is not reflected in NexJ CRM calendar.

  • All-day meetings with security set to Private.
  • Meetings with multiple participants and security set to Private.
  • Recurring meetings in the regular recurring meeting schedule. Schedule items that are exceptions to the recurring schedule are synchronized.

In addition, for schedule items that are successfully synchronized, some specific features may not be fully supported.

Meeting reminders

  • Meetings created in Outlook and synchronized to NexJ CRM have the NexJ CRM default reminder.
  • Meetings created in NexJ CRM and synchronized to Outlook have the Outlook default reminder.

Users can change the reminder settings for any individual meeting.

Links to online meetings

Links to online meeting applications such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meetings are currently included as plain text, not hyperlinks, due to security concerns.

For meetings created in Outlook, the link to the meeting is displayed in the body of the synchronized NexJ CRM schedule items, not in the Location field.

Resolved issues

The following known issues have been resolved in this release.



With this update, if a contact is added to the For field of a schedule item in NexJ CRM, their email address is added as an attendee in the synchronized Outlook meeting, as expected.


When a schedule item that occurs in the past is created, edited, or deleted in NexJ CRM, the synchronized Outlook meetings are only updated for the schedule item owner. Other meeting attendees no longer receive updated meeting invitations.

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