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NexJ CRM Documentation

Welcome to the online help for the NexJ CRM 24.02 release.

Displaying help based on job role

The online help is organized into the following information sets in order for you to find the information that is most applicable to your job role:

  • End user and administration documentation
    This contains end-user help, which focuses on the tasks and goals of advisors, as well as information dealing with application administration.
  • Technical documentation
    This contains information for technical audiences including developers, deployment specialists, designers, and system administrators.

At any given time, the name of the current help set appears at the top of the navigation tree. A drop-down menu in the same location allows you to change between the help sets at any time.

Using the page tree

When you have opened a page in the help, you can click on links in the "Page Topics" page tree to display different sections within the page.

Searching the help

Click the search icon 

in the top right corner of the help window, enter the text you are searching for, and press Enter to retrieve search results.

Using breadcrumbs to navigate the help

The breadcrumb links at the top of each help page show you where the topic is located in the navigation tree, which displays on the left side of the help window. Click on the breadcrumb links to display pages higher up in the navigation tree.

Expanding diagrams and screenshots

You can click on a diagram or screenshot to view a larger version of the diagram or screenshot. When using the Mozilla Firefox browser or Google Chrome browser, you can right-click on a diagram or screenshot and select View image to make the image display by itself on a page.

Creating PDFs

To create a PDF, click on the Download Page & Topics link. The PDF downloads automatically and will include any child topics. You can choose to open the PDF or save it locally.

Printing help topics

To print a help topic, right-click in a topic and select Print. Configure the printing information and click Print.

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