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Available communication type properties

You can modify the properties of any existing communication type using the Edit Communication Type dialog accessed in the Detail area. This dialog allows you to modify the following fields:


The name of the communication type that serves as its identifier in NexJ CRM.


The description of the communication type.


The icon that represents an instance of the communication type in NexJ CRM.


The class of the communication type which provides information on how the value can be entered in NexJ CRM for this communication type. For example, if the class is specified as Telephone Number, then the value entered in NexJ CRM must be in the form of a telephone number.

Default to field

Allows you to set the value entered for this communication type as one of the default communication type values in NexJ CRM such as work phone, home phone, and so on.

End User Read Only

Allows you to make this communication type read-only. If checked, this communication type will not be accessible in NexJ CRM; users will not be able to add it to any entity's profile in NexJ CRM. The only way that communication information can be added to or removed from an entity's profile with this enabled is by modifying the database directly.


When enabled, an associated contact type may have only one instance of the communication type entered in their profile.

Reference Name

The reference name of the communication type.

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