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Enabling portlets for an entity type

You can enable or disable portlets that are available to users on the Contacts workspace in NexJ CRM.

For example, you can enable capital market's HoldingsRevenue SummarySecurities, and Transactions portlets in the Portfolio tab on the Contacts workspace.

The portlets that are available for you to enable or disable in NexJ Admin Console depend on your implementation.

To enable a portlet for an entity type:

  1. Navigate to the Entity Codes page.
  2. In the Entity Types tab, select the Customize Portlets subtab.
  3. To enable a portlet, select the Enable checkbox for a portlet. To disable a portlet, clear the Enable checkbox for a portlet.
  4. Click the Save button 

The portlets that you enable are made available for users on the Contacts workspace in NexJ CRM.

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