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Modifying enumeration values

Modify a value in an enumeration when you want to change the value's caption or the locale that the caption is used for.

Each enumeration value corresponds to one item in the list that is generated by the enumeration.

 You cannot change the values of enumerations with the System Only classification.

An enumeration value has two components: a locale and a caption. A locale is the language that a caption is used for. For example, the locale for English is en. A caption is the text that is displayed in the list generated by an enumeration.

To modify a value in an enumeration:

  1. Navigate to the Enumerations page.
  2. In the Enumerations list, select an enumeration. The details of the selected enumeration are displayed in the area to the right of the list.
  3. Click the Values tab. A list of the enumeration's values and their details are displayed.
  4. Select a value and, in the Captions area, click the Edit button 
    The Edit Enumeration Value dialog opens.
  5. [Optional] In the Locale column, double-click the locale that you want to edit, then enter your desired locale.
  6. [Optional] In the Caption column, double-click the caption that you want to edit, then enter your desired caption text.
  7. Click OK to save the changes to the value. The Edit Enumeration Value dialog closes.
  8. [Optional] In the values list, select or clear the Active checkbox. The Active checkbox specifies whether the value will be displayed as an item in the list generated by the enumeration. If selected, the value will be included in the list; if cleared, the value will not be included.

The enumeration value is modified.

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