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New features delivered in 9.8.0

The following features and enhancements were included as part of

NexJ CRM user experience enhancements

This release includes the following enhancements to the user experience.

Birthday and Date of Birth filter chip operator enhancements

As of NexJ CRM 9.8, you can use the "in the previous (days)" and "in the next (days)" operators with the Birthday and Date of Birth filter chips.

For more information, see "Searching and filtering in NexJ CRM" in the end-user documentation.

Entity management enhancement

This release includes an enhancement to the entity management functionality.

Batch print birthday mailers

NexJ CRM enables you to filter contacts with upcoming birthdays, print birthday mailers for one or more contacts based on third-party mailer templates, and add additional items for the action including journal entries and follow-ups.

Your administrator can enable the Birthday Mailer feature, assign you the BirthdayMailerView privilege required to print birthday mailers, provide third-party mailer template tokens as custom tokens for NexJ CRM merge fields, and import mailer templates into NexJ CRM Document Manager.

For more information, see "Batch operations" in the end-user documentation and Providing custom tokens and templates for mailer documents in the technical documentation.

Campaigns feature enhancements

Workflows to automate activities related to a campaign

A workflow for a campaign specifies the actions that should be executed for each campaign participant based on their status. Define a workflow to associate a possible action with each campaign participant status. 

For example, you can define the Not Interested status without an associated action and the Interested status associated with the Create Opportunity action. When a campaign participant's status is set to Interested, an opportunity is automatically created for them.

For more information, see "Campaigns" in the end-user documentation.

Campaign team members to support different roles 

You can specify campaign team members, who are users responsible for executing the campaign, and associate each team member with one or more roles. 

For more information, see "Campaigns" in the end-user documentation.

Application development enhancements

This release includes enhancement to application development functionality.

Including remote portlets in your application's workspaces

When you are running an application on a NexJ server, you can now include a portlet running on another NexJ server within one of your application's workspaces.

For more information, see Including a remote portlet in your application.

Technology enhancements

This release includes the following technology enhancements.

Mailbox folder states preserved

The following enhancement has been made for Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes:

Folder states are preserved when migrating mailboxes to another Exchange Server.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019

NexJ CRM now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

For more information, see Requirements and support information.


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