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NexJ Add-In for Microsoft Office

NexJ Add-In for Microsoft Office integrates the use of Microsoft Office applications and NexJ CRM.

In Microsoft Outlook, it allows users to log emails sent between NexJ CRM users and contacts as an email activity in the Activities tab of each contact whose address appears in the email. It also allows users to create a follow-up task using the contents of a selected email. This feature uses the subject of the email as a task description, and the body as task notes. It allows users to create a task as they normally would, with all the usual components, directly from Outlook.

NexJ Add-In provides additional Microsoft Word functionality. It allows users to create documents with NexJ Add-In merge fields, so they can personalize these documents for different entities in the application, and lets them perform batch print jobs.

NexJ Add-In integration with NexJ CRM

Changes between different releases of NexJ CRM can affect NexJ Add-In functionality.

To ensure compatibility between NexJ Add-In and your version of NexJ CRM, set the DetectApplicationVersion registry key to 1.

Support for this functionality is only available in the following versions of NexJ CRM:

  • and any later releases
  • 8.2.1.X
  • 8.3.1.X
  • and any later hotfixes
  • and any later hotfixes or service packs

If this functionality is not supported in your version of NexJ CRM, you can use the UseRubyModel and UseJadeModel registry keys in consultation with your NexJ service representative.

Installation overview

You can install and configure NexJ Add-In for Microsoft Office using the setup wizard and the NexJ CRM Options dialog or the command-line installer and the registry editor.

To set up NexJ Add-In for Microsoft Office:

  1. Install NexJ Add-In
    • Command-line install, recommended for application administrators.
    • Setup wizard install, recommended for all other users.
  2. Configure the connection to the application server running NexJ CRM and other settings
    • Using the registry editor, recommended for application administrators.
    • Using the NexJ CRM Options dialog in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word, recommended for all other users.
  3. Begin using NexJ Add-In to include merge fields in your documents and to save emails to NexJ CRM or create email follow-up tasks.

You can also configure the security for the integration between NexJ Add-In and NexJ CRM. For more information, see the instructions and technical specifications: NexJ Add-In security integration and configuration.

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