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NexJ Nudge AI Suite - Inform

Inform is a product in the NexJ Nudge-AI suite. It matches news articles from 15,000 public news feeds and firm-specific research to a current or potential client based on their news interests. Use Inform to help strengthen relationships with your clients through personalized emails containing articles matching their interests. Articles display in contact or company profiles as a feed. You can select which articles to share with the client from the feed, or just read the full article in your browser. You can filter the feed by date and interest.

Aside from interests selected for the client, you can automatically display articles related to the contact name or company name for the client.

When you share relevant content via email, you help strengthen relationships with your clients by providing value-added interactions and identifying new opportunities for sales and service.

NexJ CRM: Enabling Inform and adding appropriate privileges allows users to see the Inform tab on a contact's profile.

Microsoft Dynamics: Installing the NexJ Inform app from Microsoft AppSource adds the Inform tab to contact profiles in Microsoft Dynamics.

Use the Inform tab to:

  • Add, delete, or manage a contact's interests
  • View the relevant article list and filter it by interest and publication date
  • Share articles with a contact by sending an email message

Inform is supported for NexJ CRM on-premise deployments, NexJ CRM cloud deployments, and Microsoft Dynamics deployments.
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