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Custom control for quick notes for entities.

This control allows users to capture plain text notes about specific entities (or children of the entity class) from a portlet.


The following example is taken from "QuickNoteDetail" layout belonging to the "EntityNotes" portlet.
The control invokes the "addQuickNote" UI event, with the note passed in as the "parameter" argument.
The desired behavior for clicking on the "Save" button is implemented in the UI event.
Typically, the notes control is configured along with a List control to show the created notes.

Metadata configuration

      <CustomView head="true" name="ctrlNote" type="md:Note">
            <Instance name="entity" value="(@)"/>
            <Properties actionCaption=""IDS_SUBMIT"" feedbackCaption="""" model="entity" textCaption=""idsc.QuickNote.controlHint""/>

"addQuickNote" UI event

      <UIAction event="addQuickNote">
         <Script><![CDATA[(define act (message (: :class "Act") (: entity (@ model item)) (: note parameter)))
(@ invoke : act'createQuickNote)]]></Script>

The following image shows an example of the control's instantiation, marked by the black rectangle over the screen capture.


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