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Workspace components

Workspaces are self-contained areas of the application that represent various ways you can interact with the specific artifacts in the application. You can access workspaces from the navigation panel.

A number of workspace types are supported:

  • The most frequently used workspaces are navigator workspaces, such as the Contacts workspace or the Tasks workspace. A navigator workspace has search functionality and a data table that contains the search results. Each item in the data table is reflected in a page which provides the detail view for that item.
  • Dashboard workspaces contain a collection of cards presenting summary information optionally organized into tabs. For example, the Home workspace.
  • Administration workspaces are organized in tabs and display information in navigation views. However, the information does not require any additional detailed page view. For example, the Customize workspace.
  • There are also unique special-purpose workspaces that do not fit into the above categories, such as the Schedule workspace or the Document Manager workspace.

Navigator workspaces provide navigation views and detail view. Navigation views contain search functionality and data tables. Detail page views, as well as dashboard workspaces, contain various cards optionally organized into tabs. Detail page views also contain banners that summarize the detailed info below.

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