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Adding and deleting rules

To add and configure a new rule:

  1. Navigate to the Rules Editor page.
  2. In the Rule Sets list, select the rule set whose rules you want to change. Any existing rules for the rule set appear in the Detail area.
  3. In the Detail area, click the Edit button 
    The Edit Rule Set dialog opens.
  4. To add a new rule to the rule set, click the Add button 
    in the Rules list. 
    A new rule appears at the bottom of the list.
  5. Complete the fields to define the rule's main properties:

    • Order
      This indicates the order in which the rules are executed, with a lower numbered rule executed earlier than a higher numbered rule.

    • Name
      This field stores the name of the rule.

    • Enabled
      If selected, the rule is enabled and will execute. If cleared, the rule will be skipped over.

    • Customized
      If selected, this indicates that the rule has been modified by a user. This is selected automatically when you make a change to a rule and save. However, if you make a change to a rule and then reverse the change, you should clear the checkbox to indicate that the rule is back to its original state.

    • Condition
      This box displays the condition that will be checked before the rule performs its action. If the condition is not met, then the rule will be skipped.

    • Actions
      This box displays the actions that will be taken given that the rule's conditions are met.

    You can change the Order and Name properties by double-clicking the corresponding fields, you can change the Enabled and Customized values by clicking the checkboxes, and you can change the Condition and Actions codes by editing the code directly in the text boxes.

  6. Click OK. The Edit Rule Set dialog closes.

To delete an existing rule:

  1. Navigate to the Rules Editor page.
  2. In the Rule Sets list, click the Action button 
     for the rule set you want to delete, and click the Delete button 
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