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Use the alarm control to define the contents of the window that opens when a user receives an activity-reminder notifications such as a 10-minute warning of an upcoming meeting.

See Configuring alarms to see how to configure alarms using push notifications.


The following example is taken from AlarmList.layout.

      <CustomView head="true" name="ctrlAlarms" type="md:Alarm">
            <Collection attributes="alarmTime alarmOverdueStatus (act icon title summaryStringDateTimes (template defaultSnoozeTime) (snoozeTimes value caption))" name="alarms" order="((act summaryDueTime) . #t)" value="(@)">
               <Bind name="subtitles" value="alarmOverdueStatus"/>
               <Bind name="titles" value="act title"/>
               <Bind name="descriptions" value="act summaryStringDateTimes"/>
               <Bind name="icons" value="act icon"/>
               <Bind name="snoozeTimes" value="act snoozeTimes"/>
               <Bind name="defaultSnoozeTimes" value="act template defaultSnoozeTime"/>
            <Properties clearCaption=""idsf.AlarmNotificationButtons.dismiss"" clearEvent=""alarmClear"" completedCaption=""idsf.AlarmNotificationButtons.complete"" completedEvent=""markCompleted"" defaultSnoozeTimes="alarms defaultSnoozeTimes" descriptions="alarms descriptions" icons="alarms icons" items="alarms" reminderCaption=""idsf.AlarmSnooze.RemindMeAgain"" snoozeCaption=""ids.Snooze"" snoozeEvent=""alarmSnooze"" snoozeTimes="alarms snoozeTimes" subtitles="alarms subtitles" titles="alarms titles"/>

The following events are configurable for this control. Their event handlers need to be implemented in the layout or dialog metadata.

  • alarmClear - Dismisses a single reminder
  • alarmClearAll - Dismisses all reminder
  • alarmSnooze - Snoozes a reminder based on "snoozeTimes" property
  • sysClose - Closes the alarm dialog
  • markCompleted - Marks an activity as completed and dismisses the reminder.


For details regarding this control and available configurations, see the "md:Alarm" control defined in the finance-md project.

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