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Configuring contact center templates

Contact center templates are task templates that specify reminders, security, attachments, statuses, and outcomes, and are associated with either inbound or outbound calls. Any task template created in the Activity Templates tab of the Document Codes page can be associated with inbound or outbound calls. The name of the task template is displayed as the name of the Inbound Call workspace in NexJ CRM.

Selecting default templates

You can associate any task template specified in the Activity Templates tab with either inbound or outbound calls.

An action item is a record of communication with a client. This includes schedule items, activity plans, tasks, documents, emails, and call records. Activities are also known as interactions.

To select default templates:

  1. Navigate to the Document Codes page.
  2. In the Contact Center Templates tab, in the Default Templates list, click the Action button 
     for the call type you want to associate a template with, and click Edit
    The Edit Default Action Item/Document Template dialog opens.
  3. In the Template field, find and select the task template you want to associate with your selected call type.
  4. Click OKThe Edit Default Action Item/Document Template dialog closes.

The task template is now associated with the call type.

Selecting follow-up activities

Follow-up activities can be activity plans, tasks, schedule items, or documents that users can assign for a caller if further action is needed after their call. If you do not specify any follow-up activities, the Follow-Up button in NexJ CRM will not display.

To select follow-up activities for inbound and outbound calls:

  1. Navigate to the Document Codes page.

  2. In the Contact Center Templates tab, in the Follow-up Activities list, click the Edit button 
    The Edit dialog opens.
  3. In the list on the left side of the dialog, select the follow-up activity that you want to add, and click AddYour selection is added to the list on the right side of the dialog.
  4. Click OKThe Edit dialog closes.

The follow-up activity is now added and can be used for calls in NexJ CRM.

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