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Creating an anonymous NexJ user

Creating an anonymous NexJ user is no longer required for listening on the anonymous HTTP channel for Exchange Web Service notifications. However, you can still optionally create an anonymous NexJ user if you choose to. Any existing anonymous user that had been configured using NexJ CRM version 8.7 or earlier will continue to be used.

To create an anonymous NexJ user:

  1. In NexJ Admin Console, in the Users page, create an application user with no privileges. For example, in the Login field enter NexJAnonymous. Append the domain to the login if SPNEGO is used.
  2. In NexJ Studio, open the .server or .environment file.
  3. In the Overview tab, click the Security subtab.
  4. In the Anonymous User field, specify the user name of the anonymous user, excluding the domain.
  5. Save and close the .server or .environment file.

You have created an anonymous NexJ user.

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