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Enabling Exchange synchronization features

You can specify what will be synchronized between NexJ CRM and Exchange by updating your system's user options in the Personalization page in NexJ Admin Console.


For more information about user options, see Enabling user options.

To configure personalization of synchronization:

  1. In NexJ Admin Console, navigate to the Personalization page.
  2. Select System in the user pane to specify that all changes will apply to all users.
  3. Click the User Options tab in the right pane and click the Select button.
    The Select Option dialog opens.
  4. Add the desired options to the list on the right.
    The following options are available for personalizing Exchange synchronization:

    Enable Display of External Contacts
    Enables the External Contacts zone in the Attendees tab of schedule item dialogs. The External Contacts zone displays when schedule items that are synchronized from Microsoft Outlook include external contacts, or people with no records in NexJ CRM.
    Enable Inbound For Contact Synchronization
    Enables matching the email addresses of attendees in a Microsoft Outlook meeting with contacts visible to the meeting creator in NexJ CRM. If any matches are identified, the matching contacts are included in the For field of the schedule item. If a single email address matches multiple contacts, all contacts are included.
    Enable Inbound Sync for private meetings with multiple participants
    With Hierarchical Access Model security enabled, you can enable synchronizing private meetings with multiple participants from Microsoft Outlook to NexJ CRM.
    Enable Meeting Alarm Synchronization
    Enables bidirectional synchronization of alarms (reminders) for both recurring and non-recurring meetings.
    Enable Related Info Notes
    Allows users to view related information, added in the Related tab when creating a schedule item in NexJ CRM, as a note in Microsoft Outlook within the synchronized schedule item.
    Enable Security Check on Inbound For Contact Synchronization
    Specifies which contacts populate the For field when a schedule item is synchronized from Microsoft Outlook to NexJ CRM. When a schedule item is synchronized, the contacts for whom the schedule item is created populate the For field in the Attendees tab of schedule item dialogs. When this user option is enabled, only the contacts that are visible to all attendees populate the For field. When this user option is disabled, all of the contacts populate the For field, regardless of their visibility settings.
    Enable Meeting Invitations
    Enables users to delegate access to their calendar to other users. If enabled, the user can give other users permission to create meetings and send invitations on their behalf.
    Enable Task Alarm Synchronization
    Enables bidirectional synchronization of reminders for tasks.

  5. Click OK.
    The Select Option dialog closes and your changes are saved.

You must restart the system in order for these changes to take effect.

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