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Lead Management technical overview

NexJ Integrated Lead Management enables users to tier or rate prospects and maximize the profitability of each lead. NexJ improves the quality of leads through matching, scoring and distribution services. NexJ’s advanced lead matching service identifies potential matches to existing leads or customers to make sales reps aware of any prior history and more efficient. NexJ’s configurable scoring engine makes it easy to quantify each lead’s propensity to convert based on a multitude of factors including lead source and history. This enables organizations to prioritize sales activity and apply different lead distribution strategies. NexJ’s Integrated Lead Management system provides a central and automated mechanism to ensure that every lead is distributed to the appropriate users. Leads that have not been worked on for a defined period of time (stale leads) can be re-distributed to other sales reps or to marketing. NexJ’s robust lead distribution capabilities ensure that leads are not lost or overlooked in the system.

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