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This section describes known issues that pertain to the NexJ CRM mobile application.


If you are using an iPhone and portrait mode, after NexJ CRM is loaded and you rotate the phone to horizontal mode, and rotate back to portrait mode, white spaces appear and remain at the bottom of the page.


If you are using Safari on iOS, and you view a contact in portrait mode then the menu items in the contact's banner summary do not appear.


When you open NexJ CRM as an app on any iOS mobile device (iPhone or iPad), and open another app (for example, an email app), the NexJ CRM app closes and you must log back in.


When you are using a mobile device to navigate the Schedule workspace, and you select multiple users with only one calendar being displayed at a time, and then deselect the user whose calendar is being displayed, an inconsistent view displays.


If you log in to NexJ CRM using an iPhone, navigate to any data table view without right-click options, the More Actions menu button

is displayed.


If you are using Safari on iOS, and you attempt to reload a dialog while there are unsaved changes, you do not receive a prompt to confirm whether you would like to proceed.


When viewing household information for a contact, the banner information may render with a line across the information.


If you open a menu that spans the height of the entire screen, the space provided above the menu, which you can use to close it, may be small and difficult to recognize. Tapping this space, however, still closes the menu.

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