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New features delivered in 24.02

The following features and enhancements were included as part of 24.02.

Support for not communicating with entities

The Do Not Contact (DNC) feature of NexJ CRM is designed to warn users from sending communications to contacts or households that do not wish to be contacted or the firm has decided not to contact any longer (CRM-96, CRM-97).  For example, this capability can be used for leads who have communicated that they do not want to be contacted any further, clients where there has been a disagreement, or where a client has passed away.  Companies cannot to be designated as DNC as this is expected to be managed with the underlying contacts at the company.

To designate a contact or household as DNC, navigate to the Edit Dialog and select the new Do Not Contact checkbox field. A new Do Not Contact filter chip has been added to contact and household searches to enable including or excluding these entities from search results.

When a household designated as DNC, all members of the household are also automatically be designated as DNC.  However, you can remove the designation from individual household members by navigating to the contact's record and clearing the Do Not Contact checkbox.

After a household or contact is designated as DNC, their name in the banner is prefixed with “Do Not Contact”. Their name is also prefixed with either "Do Not Contact" or "DNC" in various other locations within the application. For example, in the data table on the Contacts workspace, the For field of a schedule item, or in a predefined report. The shorter prefix is used where the longer prefix cannot be legibly displayed.

When you try to send an email, create a schedule item, or print a document for one or more contacts, a warning message will be displayed. You can still choose to include the contact in the activity by following the instructions in the warning.

To enable this feature, you must set the doNotContactEnabled environment property for the deployment to true.

Identifying deceased clients

A new contact status has been introduced to identify deceased clients.  To indicate that a client is deceased, navigate to the Edit Dialog for the contact, and select Deceased in the Status field. The contact's state remains active, but the following additional changes occur:

  • The contact status in the contact list is updated to show “Deceased”.
  • The banner in the detail view of the contact's record displays a new Deceased
  • The contact is designated as DNC (Do Not Contact) to prevent communications being sent to them in error. See "Support for not communicating with entities" section for the description of the DNC feature.

Reporting enhancements

  • Added support to enable or disable currency conversion (CRM-152). To support this, the new currencyConversion subject area flag can be updated for individual fields.
  • Added a feature to enable report administrators with appropriate privileges access and execute reports on behalf of other users (CRM-504). To support this, the new ReportImpersonate privilege has been added.
  • Developers can now configure custom logic to control how specific subject area attributes are queried in the process of generating a report (CRM-1533). This is an advanced developer-oriented feature aimed to help address complex ad hoc reporting requirements.

Usability enhancements

 Added shading of time slots outside of business hours on day and week views on the Schedule workspace (CRM-1131).

Technology enhancements

Added support for integration with InfluxDB v2.x for the purpose of synchronizing key system performance statistics (CRM-1603).

Security enhancements

OpenJDK 11 version has been updated to 11.0.22+7 (released January 18, 2024) (CRM-1610)

Apache Tomcat server version has been updated to 9.0.83 (released November 15, 2023) (CRM-829)

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