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Specifying coverage hierarchy settings

In the coverage hierarchy, a child contact inherits coverage settings from its parent contact.

For example, if a specific coverage group is assigned to cover a household and a new contact is created as a member of that household, then NexJ CRM assigns the household's coverage group to the new contact.

You can define coverage hierarchy settings in the Coverage Inheritance tab in the Coverage page in NexJ Admin Console. You enable coverage inheritance by defining the coverage priority for contact types in the Coverage Inheritance tab. The coverage priority also determines which contact types take precedence when a contact belongs to two different coverage teams. For example, if a contact belongs to a household and a company with two different coverage teams, the coverage of the contact is decided by the coverage priority values of the Company and Household hierarchy contexts.

By default, a child contact can modify its parent's coverage. Any changes made to the client's coverage will also be made to the parent that it inherited coverage from, as well as to any other children that inherited coverage from that parent.
To specify coverage hierarchy settings:

  1. Navigate to the Coverage page and select the Coverage Inheritance tab.
  2. To specify the coverage priority for a contact type, double-click the field in the Coverage Priority column for a contact type, and type a numeric value.

    A contact type with a lower coverage priority value takes precedence over a contact type with a higher coverage priority value.

  3. To change the hierarchy of contact types, use the up 
     and down 
     arrows buttons to move a contact type higher or lower in the hierarchy, then choose the save button 
  4. Click the Save button 
     to save your changes.

Coverage inheritance settings are updated.

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