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Microsoft Exchange Server

This section describes known issues that pertain to Microsoft Exchange Server and synchronization.


When you create a meeting in Microsoft Outlook, the Schedule workspace does not display the meeting until you manually refresh the browser.


If your deployment of NexJ CRM uses the Hierarchical Access Model to manage its access control, and a user set up with Microsoft Exchange creates and delegates a task without putting any contact information in the For field, then the user will not be able to see that task after its creation.

Ensure that users set up with Microsoft Exchange always populate the For field, when creating delegated tasks.


In the Contact workspace, if you add a single entity to your My sync list list by using the Add to > List  action available from the row the entity displays on, it will not properly synchronize with Microsoft Outlook.
Select the entity or multiple entities that you want to add to the list, and then use the Add to > List action available from banner of the entity list.


NexJ Add-In for Microsoft Office does not support the use of the single quote character (') in emails as expected but NexJ CRM does support using the single quote character. Use of internationalized email addresses (for example, "hei@やる.ca" ) is not supported by NexJ Add-In or NexJ CRM.


When Microsoft Exchange synchronization is configured with NexJ CRM, and you add attachments in Microsoft Outlook that exceed the size limit of 2 MB, the attachments do not synchronize with NexJ CRM.

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