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This section describes known issues that pertain to the application framework.

AFL-3723, AFL-3942

Some dates in NexJ CRM, including those in activity audit trails and notifications, display according to the locale the server is deployed with, regardless of the user's browser language. This only impacts users whose browser language is different from the locale the server is deployed with.


If you upgraded from a previous release to NexJ CRM 9.2, users may receive a file size limit error when adding notes or uploading documents beyond a certain size.

Increase the Maximum HTTP Request Size environment file property as needed, for example, by 30%, to allow for equivalent uploads in NexJ CRM 9.2.


Cross-domain push connections are not supported in the Mozilla Firefox browser.


When you create or edit an activity, and right-click on the For, Assign To, or Add Attachment fields, the browser native context menu does not display.


Notifications manually triggered through the business model do not always clear and can be fired cumulatively.


If you are using an Apple iPad with Apple iOS 13, and you open the New Contact dialog to add a contact, and in the Date of Birth field, tap the calendar icon

to open the calendar, and navigate between months, or select a year or date, the keyboard erroneously opens after each action.


When dump logging is enabled for the REST HTTP server, a large spike in memory usage may occur. NexJ recommends that you do not use REST with dump logging enabled.


In the NexJ Studio Presentation layer, the controls shown for a layout in the Layout tab do not automatically display in the Outline view.


When you run the script to start the push redirector in a Linux environment that is running Java 8 or higher, a warning message is generated that states that an illegal reflective access operation has occurred.


If you create an augment from a given class, and then apply a facet from that class to the augment, the facet may not always be recognized. If this happens you will receive an unrecognized facet error when you try to run the model.


When you perform a metadata upgrade to a new version of finance, there is an issue with the .workspace file and other files that causes certain icon codes to be changed.

If you are working on a project that is using metadata from a 9.X release, select the Compare Source menu option when reconciling code conflicts in NexJ Studio.


On first server load of a Classic portlet, and if it uses POST data, the context parameters will be lost due to the time zone detection refresh.

Use GET on the first load of Classic portlets where context is required, or put the values into the URL of the POST.


The Database Schema Tool in NexJ Studio generates mismatched versions and namespaces in SQL upgrade scripts for mixin data sources.


The JVM property "" mest be set to TRUE in order for the inform:ArticleSearch HTTPConnection channel to work in a Websphere-based environment.

More information can be found here:

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