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Products and modules

In this section you will find documentation on the following products and modules.

Products and Modules

NexJ's Products combine award-winning CRM functionality with vertical-specific capabilities designed to meet the exact needs of advisors, bankers, and agents. The products are:

  • NexJ CRM for...
    • Wealth Management
    • Private Banking
    • Commercial Banking
    • Corporate Banking
    • Sales, Trading, and Research
    • Insurance
  • Nudge Suite
    • Engage
    • Inform
    • Insights
    • Invest

Add-on modules

CRM can provide even more value with the following add-on modules.

  • Microsoft Office Connector (Office Add-in and Exchange Sync)
  • Data Bridge
  • SmartForms and Workflows

Comprehensive customer view

NexJ provides a client-centric Comprehensive Customer View of front, middle, and back-office information. With this, advisors benefit from client profiles, relationship hierarchies and network graphs, client transactions and interactions, financial accounts, next best actions, opportunities, and service requests.

The unified User Experience (UX) presents best-of-breed CRM functionality in a flexible portal container. The core CRM functionality may be seamlessly extended through integration with external data and applications such as holdings and transactions data or portfolio management applications. Companies can also choose to use NexJ in a headless fashion, allowing flexibility in the choice of front-end frameworks and applications by leveraging extensive REST and versioned APIs or at-the-glass integration.

In all cases, whether using our CRM as the primary solution or as part of a larger solution, the Comprehensive Customer View promotes higher user adoption through a better, more complete understanding of your clients, allowing organizations to maximize the value of their existing data and systems.

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