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Transfer Objects

A Transfer Object is is used for the internal representation of objects. To create a new Transfer Object in scheme, use the (message) procedure.



The class of the transfer object.


The event on the class of the transfer object.


The version of the request or response contained in the transfer object.


The object identifier of the contained object.


A collection of name, value pairs with the values of the attributes of the class.


Note that messages are transfer objects.

(define m (message (: a "A") (: b 2) (: c (message)) (: d (collection (message)))))
(m'a) => "A"
(m'b) => 2
((m'c)'z) => ()
((m'x)'z) => ()
((m'd)'size) => 1
(m'b 3) => 3
(m'b) => 3
(m':contains 'd) => #t
(m':contains "d") => #t
(m':remove 'b) => #t
(m':remove 'b) => #f

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