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This section describes known issues that pertain to NexJ Admin Console and the Customize workspace in NexJ CRM.


The view and edit security attributes, which only apply to the group security model, erroneously display in the audit trail for activities when using the hierarchical access model.


When creating or editing a filter from the Filters and Lists  tab on the Customize workspace, a subject area named Class Attribute Log  is available for selection. However, filters associated with this subject area do not display anywhere in the application.


If you add attachments to an activity template, when an associated activity is created in NexJ CRM, the  Attachments  field in the New Task dialog shows multiple instances of each attachment.


If you do not enter a value or enter an invalid value in a required field in the Add Opportunity Template or Edit Opportunity Template dialog, the error that displays when you try to save the template does not clearly indicate the tab and the field that requires attention.


After editing a task template to remove any "assign to" users, if you click the Add Task floating action button  and select the template that you edited, the Assign to field does not update to reflect the change that you made.


In the Customize workspace, under the Manage Business Processes function, the UI indicates that users can both add forms based on a business process template or select an existing CPM (Process Management) form. Only the choice of selecting an existing Process Management form is valid. The other choice appears in error.


If you have selected Pre-Populate for an address type in NexJ Admin Console, and you add a contact in NexJ CRM, then the address type is added to the Addresses card in the Detail tab for the contact. However, if you have pre-populated a communication type in NexJ Admin Console, NexJ CRM does not add the communication type in the Communications card when you add a contact.


When you use the classic user interface to create a new distribution rule for leads on the Customize workspace in the Lead Management tab, and you set the owner by selecting a user in the Assign To field, the selected Assign To value is not displayed in the rule's profile as expected.


When OAuth is configured for NexJ CRM, and you attempt to perform an operation in NexJ Admin Console after the client OAuth session has expired, a page error is generated.


When you delete a task or schedule item from the NexJ CRM UI, this action is not logged in the Audit Trail page in NexJ Admin Console.