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Data Bridge privilege groups and privileges

This topic describes Data Bridge privilege groups, privileges, and their functions. The privilege groups and privileges are available by default in Data Bridge Admin Console at https://[host]/nexj/Admin.html in the Privilege Groups tab.

Data Bridge privilege groups

The following privilege groups are available, and are listed below in the order of decreasing authority:

#Privilege GroupDescription
1Bridge AdministratorAccess to all Data Bridge functionality.
2Bridge View ManagerAble to create, edit, and delete view configuration.
3Bridge Data PublisherAble to trigger snapshot and streaming data publishing events.
4Bridge Data MonitorAble to monitor dashboards.

The following table shows the mapping of functions to privilege groups and privilege names:

FunctionBridge AdministratorBridge View ManagerBridge Data PublisherBridge Data MonitorPrivilege Name
Assigns the user role for Data BridgeYesYesYesYesbrg:BridgeUser
Read data from the NexJ CRM connectionYesYesYesYesbrg:CRMRead
Create, edit, and delete view definitionsYesYesNoNobrg:ViewUpdate
Import a view definitionYesYesNoNobrg:ViewUpdate
Export a view definitionYesYesYesYesbrg:ViewRead
Modify publishing optionsYesYesYesNobrg:PublishingUpdate
Enable or disable snapshot publishingYesYesYesNobrg:PublishingUpdate
Enable or disable streamingYesYesYesNobrg:PublishingUpdate
Publish view snapshotsYesYesYesNobrg:PublishingExport
Read-only access to views (all tabs)YesYesYesYesbrg:ViewRead
Refresh Preview data and countYesYesYesNobrg:PublishingExport
Export Avro SchemaYesYesYesYesbrg:ViewRead
Access the Monitoring Dashboard and statistics (read-only)YesYesYesYesbrg:Monitoring
Access the Global Settings workspace (read-only)YesYesYesYesbrg:ViewRead
Update the Global Settings workspace (for example, for delimited file formatting)YesNoNoNobrg:BridgeAdmin
Load CRM metadataYesNoNoNobrg:BridgeAdmin
Create new usersYesNoNoNoAll users with access to Data Bridge Admin Console

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