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Known issues and workarounds for Data Bridge 3.5.0

The following are a list of the most critical known issues in the current release of NexJ Data Bridge and problem workarounds, where possible.


Using the "equals today" operator with filters on date attributes results in an error.


When you create a view on the Activities subject area with streaming enabled in Data Bridge, create a task with a follow-up action item in NexJ CRM, and delete the main task, the action should result in a "delete" event for the task published by Data Bridge. Currently, the action results in an "update" event on the task.


Data Bridge generates and stores multiple performance statistics in its database, some of which are visualized as charts in the Monitoring Dashboard. By design, the statistics older than 30 days should be purged in order to prevent the database to grow out of control. We discovered that this is not currently the case.

Older records in the BRGStat table could be deleted using SQL.