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Known issues and workarounds for Data Bridge

The following is a list of the most critical known issues in the current release of NexJ Data Bridge and their workarounds, where possible.


Using the "equals today" operator with filters on date attributes results in an error.


After you create a view with filters and save it, the filter captions in the About tab on the View Details page may not match the filter captions originally provided on the Create View page in the Data Selection tab, and in the Filters section.


When you create a new Contacts view, add the Full Name and Related Opportunities attributes, enable streaming, save the view, and then create a new opportunity or delete one in NexJ CRM, instead of publishing a single update message for the related contact to Kafka, Data Bridge produces two update messages (one for the related contact and one for the related user).
A possible workaround is to add a filter "Type equals Contact" to such a view.


When you create a view on the Activities subject area with streaming enabled in Data Bridge, create a task with a follow-up action item in NexJ CRM, and delete the main task, the action should result in a "delete" event for the task published by Data Bridge. Currently, the action results in an "update" event on the task.


When the object count is refreshed in the Preview tab for a Data Bridge view that contains associated objects (for example, Addresses for a Company), and the Changes (primary or associated fields) option is selected in the Publishing Options tab, the displayed count may be higher than the actual number of objects that would be published. This defect only affects the preview functionality and not the accuracy of data being published.


Data Bridge generates and stores multiple performance statistics in its database, some of which are visualized as charts in the Monitoring Dashboard. By design, the statistics older than 30 days should be purged in order to prevent the database to grow out of control. We discovered that this is not currently the case.

Older records in the BRGStat table could be deleted using SQL.


When a value picker filter is added for an association attribute (for example, Contacts > Tier) and then edited more than once, the filter becomes not editable. In order to continue editing the filter, the view itself must be saved and edited.


When the Data Bridge Adapter is disabled, you cannot export Avro schema on the View Details page in the Data Bridge application.