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Configuring activity plan templates

Activity plan templates define the standard series of steps used when you create and assign activity plans to a contact. After you have created an activity plan template, create and assign activity plans in the contact's Journal tab in the Contacts workspace.

You can create activity plan templates using the Activity Plans tab in the Customize workspace of NexJ CRM. The Activity Plans tab is divided into two areas:

Activity Plan Templates list
This area displays a list of the existing activity plan templates.

Detail area
This area displays all of the information related to a selected activity plan template. This area has four subtabs:

  • Details
    This tab displays the basic properties of the activity plan template, including name, description, icon, and security settings.
  • Steps
    In this tab you can add, edit, remove, and reorder the steps of your activity plan template. An activity plan step can be a task, document, or another activity plan. The step number of each step appears to the left of the step.
  • Attachments
    In this tab you can add attachments to the selected activity plan template, view any attachments that are associated with the activity plan by default, or view any attachments that you have added.
  • Statuses
    This tab displays the default status of the activity plan template, as well as all other statuses that users can apply to it.