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Adding attachments to specific activity plan template steps

In addition to being able to add attachments to a whole activity plan template, you can also add attachments to specific steps in the template.

To add an attachment to an activity plan template step:

  1. Navigate to the Customize workspace.
  2. Click the Activity Plans tab.
  3. Select the template you want to edit.
  4. Click the Steps subtab.
  5. In the Steps zone, click the Edit button .
    The Edit Activity Plan Steps dialog opens.
  6. Select the step you want to edit and click the Edit button .
    The Edit Activity Plan Step dialog opens.
  7. Click the Attachments tab.
  8. Click the Select button  in the Document Manager Items area.
    The Select Document dialog opens.
  9. Click the Select button  in the Folder field and select your document's location, or enter a search string in the Search field.
    The applicable documents appear.
  10. Select your desired document.
    The details appear in the Details area and a preview appears in the Attachments area.
  11. Click OK to add the attachment and close the Select Document dialog.

    This task refers to the process of adding an attachment to a specific activity plan template step. For information on how to add an attachment to a whole activity plan, see Adding attachments to activity plan templates. For information on changing the settings of an attached document, see Modifying activity plan template attachment details.

  12. Click OK.
    The Edit Activity Plan Step dialog closes.
  13. Click OK.
    The Edit Activity Plan Steps dialog closes.

The attachment is added to an activity plan step.

Merge documents and activity plan templates

Merge documents are Microsoft Word documents with defined place holders, or empty fields, that are filled in with associated information upon merging. Merge documents can be added as attachments for activity plan steps.

When a merge document is added as an attachment to an activity plan step, the document will be merged automatically when the associated step is created.