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Exporting and importing business process templates

Export and import business process templates when you want to move them between instances of NexJ CRM, or when you want to create a backup of a template.

Your company might require that you develop a new business process in a test system before you can deploy it to a production system. To avoid having to recreate the business process in each of your company's environments, you can export a business process template from your test system, then import it into your production system.

When you export a business process template, you download a file that is generated by the system to your local machine. This file contains all of the components from the template, including the form, approval steps, associations, follow-ups, attachments, and security settings. You can then import the file into another system to create a new copy of the template.

You can also keep an exported file as a backup of a business process template. This is useful when you are making changes to a business process template and you want to be able to revert to a known version of the template if something goes wrong.